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Hey everyone

Wanna find out where in the world I am? check out my web journal

Right now I'm cycling from Turkey to New Zealand - check out the expedition website

Or if you really care, subscribe to my email journal and you'll get my confirm affirm money back guaranteed interesting periodic updates (I've been told it reads like an online book. Now if someone would be nice enough to publish it...) No images, just text though, so for the pics you'll have to check them out here.

PICTURES!!! Check 'em out!!!

If you've always wondered where I work, check out my office.

If you want to get me online, email me at joetheman@mindless.com or my IM addresses are

ICQ: 385475
skype: johannuar
AIM: joedemanx
MSN: belumut@hotmail.com (do NOT email me here)
Yahoo: belumut@yahoo.com (do NOT email me here either)

May the Force be with You